How often should you paint your home?


People plan to paint their houses for different reasons. Some want to make it look a bit fancier while others are just trying to get a breath of fresh air while trying something new and getting over the same old vibes of the house. Whatever the reason be, the house gets a necessary freshness after the new paint. Some of the best interior painters in Toronto explain that if you look towards the investment aspect, painting a house would always help. It ensures the increment in the total value of your house. So not only does the painting add to the overall beauty of the house but it also helps in increasing its value in the market. it also helps the house against the harsh weather condition keeping it safe.

People usually think twice before planning for the paint all because it is a very inconvenient process and requires a good amount of time and effort along with some good money to get the job done perfectly. We at M.A.S. construction have a great experience in house painting in Toronto and we understand how important it is for a house to paint in the span of every 5 to 10 years. It also very much depends on the quality of paint being used or the type of surface or if there is any sign of wear and tear in the house. A homeowner has to keenly look at all the aspects before deciding on painting their house. Let us look at some signs when it becomes pretty genuine that your house needs a good painting job.

Signs that show it is time to paint

1)    Crackling or bubbling or flaking of paint

The main reasons behind all these conditions are mainly the harsh weather. If it's too hot or dry or if rains a lot or the weather mostly remains moist and humid, all these conditions will conclude to one of the situations and an individual will have to think about a repaint.

2)    Fading paint

The main reason behind the fading of the paint exclaimed by interior painters in Toronto says that the situation mainly occurs either due to the direct sunlight falling on the walls or if there is an intrusion of water in the walls. Both conditions will ensure the fading of the paint.

3)    Patching stucco

If there is any sort of cracks or patches that you find on the stucco, it is probably time for a paint job. Delaying the repair work will make the condition worse and you will have to invest a lot more to get it fixed.

4)    Chipping or peeling of paint

A very common issue is when the houses start getting old. The paint starts to peel off and it is a very obvious sign that your home requires some new paint.

5)    The color of walls morphed

This condition occur when the paint has to face the ultraviolet rays daily and the color changes to a different shade.

6)    You are selling a house

If you are planning to sell your house, a new coat of paint would help in adding some money to the overall value of the house.

We at M.A.S. Construction have been house painting in Toronto for years and would love to help you with the paint job.


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